Fashion: Sheri Ray

Fashion photography is not something I seek out. Until recently, any work I did with models was more a way for me to experiment with lighting and work on my chops than something to make ends meet or feed my starving inner artist. The more time I spend with a camera, though, the more I change my mind about things. Or open it. Though on-location work continues to be my wheelhouse – and I'm more likely to take cheesy landscapes, pictures of my kids, or photos of bugs for fun – I'm looking at renting a studio space downtown so I am able to offer more options to the people that choose me for their photography.

The collaboration below, with lovely local model Sheri Ray, ended up in this space. It is nice to have a model with which I have the time, in a controlled environment, to experiment with techniques I'd never dream of on assignments where the subjects are busy and the settings unpredictable or evolving.

Sheri Ray and I (along with local photographer Jennifer Garrett and make-up artist Mack Weaver) started out at the Anodyne downtown where I tried using 3 speedlights and some HDR on backgrounds to get a gritty look. We moved to a window for a few shots and then packed up and walked across the street to the studio, where 2 alien bees and a seamless backdrop awaited us.