Andaluz Hotel Rooms

I have gotten to know this downtown hotel really well over the last year or so. This 2-day assignment gave me a glimpse into the care that management takes with each room layout, and the detailed thought that makes each different room appeal to the wide range of clients that make the Andaluz their temporary home when they visit Albuquerque, as well as locals looking to get away without going away. Some rooms are intimate and decadent, some are set up perfectly to conduct business from. The challenge was to express this meticulous planning by way of my images in a way that would resonate with potential clients.

I spent many hours with Company B's Chris Bart, who flew in for the shoot as a creative director and brought much-needed vision to the project. I found myself looking at interiors differently than I had before, exploring lighting strategies in each room and identifying sweet spots that resided there. I used blended exposures to capture the distinct lighting choices in each room, and broke out speedlights to help bring out details. Using a 20mm lens in most cases, I worked hard to render rooms without contortion by taking extra time with setup and tweaking lines true in post.