Sukhmani Nob Hill

I was brought on to photograph the grand opening reception at Nob Hill's newest jewelry+ store,  Sukhmani.The store evokes the calm centeredness of Eastern philosophy and is owned by the brother/sister team of Sat Bachan Anthony and Sat Gurumukh Khalsa – themselves lifelong devotees of the Sikh religion.

A few days after the reception I came back to capture a sampling of the items and the general feel of the glorious space. The shot list emphasized exquisite one-of-a-kind designer jewelry, but also included sculptures, furniture, body care products, and a couple of amazing paintings by local artist Harimandir Kaur Khalsa. The space itself was also a subject. I am very happy to have this interesting new option in Nob Hill, an Albuquerque district that gets more dynamic by the day. Be sure to stop in.