Pulte Homes

I've had enough assignments from homebuilders, hotels and apartments over the last couple of years that I have developed an approach I am finally getting comfortable with. Initially I tried to light interiors with strobes, but I've come to believe that a tripod and bracketed exposures—and the occasional pano stitching—are the key to this kind of work. I still bring lights, but I rarely take them out anymore. This shoot from Pulte was timed well for the exteriors, and the interiors benefited from the late light as well, but blending exposures really helps to bring the details of the model homes forward in my opinion. I used some of Nik Software's HDR tools, but more and more find myself turning to Pangea Software's Bracketeer. All that said, the less I worry about the light the more I can find the angles that work best, which is the key to getting dramatic results in my opinion. I also have to say that I am a huge fan of PTlens for cleaning up lines and helping distortion from my 20mm 2.8.