Emily & Dustin Wedding at the Andaluz

A lot of photographers choose not to photograph weddings. I am not one of them. To me, weddings offer many of the same opportunities that an inspiring editorial assignment can. The day unfolds in unexpected ways and we are there to use the benefit of a trained eye and an evolving skill set to document the event in a professional and creative way. This wedding, at the beautiful Andaluz Hotel, was a bevy of opportunity. Emily was a sublime bride with a radiant smile, and Dustin was as emotional and open a groom as I've worked with. The guests and family were a very photogenic group and the venue, which I've been lucky to work in often over the years, is a photographer's playground of nooks, crannies, compelling backlighting, and outdoor cityscapes. At the end of the night Emily and Dustin collected themselves to perform an original song together that brought most in attendance to tears. It was a wonderful night to be a photographer.