Sunrise Bank Building

During a shoot a month or so ago I met the folks that manage the beautiful old building that is home to Sunrise Bank in the heart downtown Albuquerque. Having made a mental note, I knew what location I wanted to try when local model Georgia Bevard got in touch with me a few weeks later. Georgia is very talented, full of ideas and positive energy. Lucky for me, she brought along her boyfriend Josh, who I convinced to help me hold an SB800 as a boom shot though a Lumiquest Softbox LTP. Up to this point this had been an impulse buy that sat on a shelf in my office. Pretty happy I made myself use it this time.

We started out in the empty 8th floor while the sun was going down, then made our way to the roof. I mainly used my 24mm 2.8 to try and get more of the amazing view in the frame, though I broke out the 50mm 1.4 and an 85mm 1.4 as well.