Visiting Taos

I trekked up to Taos a couple months back to photograph subjects for an article in the March 2012 issue of New Mexico Magazine. I rolled into town and went straight to the new Taos Ale House where owner Jesse Cook introduced me to his delicious IPA while we shot. From there I headed to the comfy La Posada de Taos for the night, and woke up to a breakfast that included delicious Red Chile Scones and Piñon Blue Corn Waffles. Sated, I met up with fine art photographer Lenny Foster at his studio. Over coffee we talked about our different approaches to our trade, and I managed to get him to put on the wings that he uses in his inspiring work. From there I made my way to Lily's in the Garden of San Jose where I was presented with an amazing Tulip garden and antique woodwork, along with some delicious Red Roibos tea and a wonderful scone. I arrived at El Camino Cantina around 2pm and worked on their cocktails, decor and the BBQ red-chile beef brisket tacos. I love my job. My last stop was at Casa Los Cordovas, a new restaurant owned by Taos mayor Darren Cordova. I met the mayor and photographed him in between shots of their impressive cuisine, including the bacon-wrapped prawns and calamari. On the way out I got a photo of my favorite tree in the world.