StreetFood Asia

I shoot a lot of food in general. On this assignment, I shot a lot of food all day. The owner wanted photos for the menu, and he planned to have an image for each dish, drink and dessert. Since this restaurant has a business model with variety at its core (hence, street food) that meant a LOT of photos. StreeFood Asia is a relatively new restaurant to Albuquerque, with ownership that is committed to bringing Albuquerque a sophisticated take on asian food we didn't have, and the restaurant complements the already bustling Nob Hill district in a big way. One adjustment I had to make during this session was to use a primarily horizontal perspective because of the way the menu will lay out. This was uncomfortable, since I'm used to shooting vertical for food almost all the time, but I came away feeling as if I'd been forced through a little rut and seen something new. And I like that.