New Mexico Bowl

Got the call from AP today -- UTEP was coming in for the 2010 New Mexico Bowl and they wanted some images. It was at the Sheraton, 12:45pm. There was a large welcoming comittee on hand for them, including mariachis. I tried to get shots of the players that will make a difference in the game, including wideout Russell Carr, LB Isaiah Carter and RB Joe Banyard. Coach Price is also pictured with his grandkids. Shooting for AP is very different than the day-to-day commercial work I do. A huge premium is put on efficiency, delivery (with proper captoining and subject info) and speed, and of the hundred or so photos taken only a few are submitted to avoid clutter. Like a wedding, everything happens in an instant, so set-ups are out of the question. With that in mind I put a fast 50mm on one camera and a 24mm on the other with a speedlight.

BYU's antics with the Mountain West aside, I'm pulling for the Miners, having met the players and coaches in person. Props to the New Mexico Bowl staff who helped a ton with logistics.