Unexpected Lessons

I was commissioned to shoot 5 apartment complexes in Albuquerque. This was a first for me. The director wanted to shoot all five in a single day, so I knew that hauling around lighting was not an option -- I'd have to shoot slow on a tripod and use HDR more than I might like. Once I got there, it became obvious that even without lighting I was going to go over the 1 day allotment. There were model apartments at each complex with 5 rooms to shoot, there were pool areas, laundry rooms, exteriors of buildings, signage, offices, gyms.... The day was the most exhausting I've ever had in photography, even more so than marathon weddings. My lithium ion battery almost ran out, which never happens. But it was very rewarding. I learned as I was going to reconsider angles. I set up panoramics of tight spaces to avoid wide-angle distortions. I leaned to love my tripod. I learned to love my 24mm 2.8 lens. And I practiced making mid-day light look ok by using filters and HDR. Overall, very happy that I took the assignment. You can view more of it Here.