Associated Press and Waves Salon

It was about 11am and I was at La Havana Restaurant on Menaul getting ready to photograph their food for the Weekly Alibi. I felt my phone buzzing, and since my wife was out of town I took a look. It was AP, calling me for the first time in over a year. There was a workplace shooting, and they needed photos right then. It was awkward, but I told the fine folks at the restaurant that I'd have to come back. Oh, and I was scheduled to shoot photos at Waves Salon at 1pm. I went up to a half mile from the scene of the shooting APD had set a wide perimiter with reports of a possible second shooter coming in. I got the shots I could and raced home to caption the photos and upload to AP. FTP didn't work --  feeling like crying as I was later and later for my Waves shoot. Lucky for me, the models there were patient and everything basically worked out. By far the most frenetic day of photography to date for me. And it was my little boy's 7th birthday. Famous people in the AP pics include Mayor Barry, Police Chief Shultz and David Letterman -- or maybe that's Stuart Dyson.